quart.wrappers.base module

class quart.wrappers.base.BaseRequestWebsocket(method: str, scheme: str, path: str, query_string: bytes, headers: werkzeug.datastructures.Headers, root_path: str, http_version: str)

Bases: quart.wrappers.base._BaseRequestResponse

This class is the basis for Requests and websockets..


If an exception is raised during the route matching it will be stored here.


The rule that this request has been matched too.


The keyword arguments for the view from the route matching.

property accept_charsets
property accept_encodings
property accept_languages
property accept_mimetypes
property access_control_request_headers
property access_control_request_method
property access_route
property authorization
property base_url

Returns the base url without query string or fragments.

property blueprint

Returns the blueprint the matched endpoint belongs to.

This can be None if the request has not been matched or the endpoint is not in a blueprint.

property cache_control
property cookies

The parsed cookies attached to this request.

property date

alias of werkzeug.datastructures.ImmutableMultiDict

encoding_errors = 'replace'
property endpoint

Returns the corresponding endpoint matched for this request.

This can be None if the request has not been matched with a rule.

property full_path
property host
property host_url
property if_match
property if_modified_since
property if_none_match
property if_range
property if_unmodified_since
property is_secure

alias of werkzeug.datastructures.ImmutableList

property max_forwards
property origin

alias of werkzeug.datastructures.ImmutableMultiDict

property pragma
property range
property referrer
property remote_addr

Returns the remote address of the request, faked into the headers.

routing_exception: Optional[Exception] = None
property url

Returns the full url requested.

property url_root
url_rule: Optional[QuartRule] = None
property user_agent
view_args: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None
class quart.wrappers.base.JSONMixin

Bases: object

Mixin to provide get_json methods from objects.

The class must support _load_data_json and have a mimetype attribute.

async get_json(force: bool = False, silent: bool = False, cache: bool = True) → Any

Parses the body data as JSON and returns it.

  • force – Force JSON parsing even if the mimetype is not JSON.

  • silent – Do not trigger error handling if parsing fails, without this the on_json_loading_failed() will be called on error.

  • cache – Cache the parsed JSON on this request object.

property is_json

Returns True if the content_type is json like.

property json
property mimetype

Return the mimetype of the associated data.

on_json_loading_failed(error: Exception) → None

Handle a JSON parsing error.


error – The exception raised during parsing.