quart.wrappers.base module

class quart.wrappers.base.BaseRequestWebsocket(method: str, scheme: str, path: str, query_string: bytes, headers: werkzeug.datastructures.Headers, root_path: str, http_version: str, scope: Union[hypercorn.typing.HTTPScope, hypercorn.typing.WebsocketScope])

Bases: werkzeug.sansio.request.Request

This class is the basis for Requests and websockets..


If an exception is raised during the route matching it will be stored here.




The rule that this request has been matched too.




The keyword arguments for the view from the route matching.


Optional[Dict[str, Any]]

property blueprint: Optional[str]

Returns the blueprint the matched endpoint belongs to.

This can be None if the request has not been matched or the endpoint is not in a blueprint.

property blueprints: List[str]

Return the names of the current blueprints. The returned list is ordered from the current blueprint, upwards through parent blueprints.

property endpoint: Optional[str]

Returns the corresponding endpoint matched for this request.

This can be None if the request has not been matched with a rule.

property max_content_length: Optional[int]

Read-only view of the MAX_CONTENT_LENGTH config key.

routing_exception: Optional[Exception] = None
property script_root: str
property url_root: str
url_rule: Optional['QuartRule'] = None
view_args: Optional[Dict[str, Any]] = None