Custom Command Line Commands

The quart command can be customised by the app to add additional functionality. A very typical use case is to add a database initialisation command,

import click

def initdb():
    click.echo('Database is migrating')

which will then work as,

$ quart initdb
Database is migrating


Unlike Flask the Quart commands do not run within an app context, as click commands are synchronous rather than asynchronous.

Asynchronous usage

The best way to use some asynchronous code in a custom command is to create an event loop and run it manually, for example,

import asyncio

def fetch_db_data():
    result = asyncio.get_event_loop().run_until_complete(_fetch())

async def _fetch():
    return await db.execute(...)

Including a CLI Command in an extension or another module

To include CLI commands in a Quart extension or blueprint, register the methods in the “run” factory function

from quart import Quart
from my_extension import my_cli

def create_app():
    app = Quart(__name__)
    app = my_cli(app)
    return app

And in your module or extension:

import click

def my_cli(app):
    # @click.option("--my-option")
    def my_cli_command():
        print("quart ran this command")

    return app

This can be run with:

$ quart mycli
$ quart ran this command