hypercorn.asyncio package

Module contents

async hypercorn.asyncio.serve(app: Union[Type[hypercorn.typing.ASGI2Protocol], Callable[[dict, Callable, Callable], Awaitable[None]]], config: hypercorn.config.Config, *, shutdown_trigger: Optional[Callable[[], Awaitable[None]]] = None) → None

Serve an ASGI framework app given the config.

This allows for a programmatic way to serve an ASGI framework, it can be used via,

asyncio.run(serve(app, config))

It is assumed that the event-loop is configured before calling this function, therefore configuration values that relate to loop setup or process setup are ignored.

  • app – The ASGI application to serve.

  • config – A Hypercorn configuration object.

  • shutdown_trigger – This should return to trigger a graceful shutdown.